Monday, 9 July 2018

Evil is Evil: Nothing Vajpayee or Modi About it.

Argument on SM,  " I did not lynch, but every one has freedom of expression."
Argument of ministers, "I believe in judiciary, the garland will facilitate justice."

And all along, the PM is like:

Representative Image

While those who have started speaking out  lately, they are prescribing Vajpayee cure for Modi hysteria. 

How can you distinguish between two life long RSS pracharaks. Till today, the apologists of Vajpayee group based their advocacy on the soft and long paused voice in a coalition setup. They conveniently forgot the man and his past. 

Aww, even then he was so poetic! 

May be everything was accepted because India needed an alternative to INC and its tantrums. But should have the Vajpayee loving intellectuals backed an fascist RSS parivar (they did) against INC just because it has parivar too! They conveniently closed their eye to the fact that Indian right is not the economic right. Why? Why is that treachery with India? Is that just to see that the INC parivar gives way to true democracy in India through an organization like RSS which has anything but contempt for Constitution of India! 
May be everything was accepted because India needed an alternative to INC and its tantrums. But should the Vajpayee loving intellectuals have backed a fascist RSS parivar (they did) against INC just because it has parivar too! They conveniently closed their eye to the fact that Indian right is not the economic right. So, their possible fig leaf of economic reason is down the drain already. 

Then, why is that treachery with India? Is that just to see that the INC parivar gives way to true democracy in India through an organization like RSS which has anything but contempt for Constitution of India! 

How can these intellectuals allow themselves to put Vajpayee and Modi at the two ends of a spectrum just because one was speaking softly! 

Friday, 21 August 2015

New generation lives by Whatsapp message!

In one of the Whatsapp group, I got a message, a long one, that pitted the 55 yrs of rule by Congress PMs with items like:

  1. Indian candidature for security council under Modiji as PM supported by USA, Russia & China
  2. Modiji brought promises worth of $ 35 billion from Japan. Japan funding DMIC due to Modiji.
  3. Indian CEO led global companies are in talks with Modiji for investments in India.
  4. Modiji stood by Iran & SA, so that our young petroleum minister could extract a favorable oil deal form both which will lower their diesel bill.
  5. India was till now importing nuclear reactors from Russia and due to "Nuclear deal" with USA by Modiji has helped India big time.
  6. Modiji "will" ensure China do not dump its product and will shift its manufacturing to India.
  7. ONGC is in Vietnam because of the leadership of Modiji.
  8. Modiji is the first PM to visit Canada in 42 yrs so Canada poured benefits in return.
  9. Srilanka has been shown its place.
  10. India managed to bring back 5000 Indians from yemen.


It all started when I posted a 2013 Tweet from tweeter savvy +Narendra Modi in which he attacked UPA for onion price! Suddenly, the apologists started getting back with price of deregulated diesel price, whose international price is hovering at $ 40s.

Then came this long blh...blah. I must give it to the messenger that he just wanted a rebuttal from me about these shit!

So, I wrote to him isn't it a tribute to the 55 yrs of Nehru, Sastri, Indira, Rajeev, PVNR, and Dr Singh that today an Odia Hindu Brahmin is debating with Telgu Muslim software engineer in USA over Whatasapp and with civility. :)

Note: Name of Sastriji was not included in the blah..blah..blah message strategically. :)

If I will start writing about the contribution of Nehru for building liberal democratic scientific modern India from scratch, I will have to turn a book writer. The builder of all democratic institutions, all IITs, IIMs, RECs, AIIMS, DRDO, all research labs of CSIR, all nuclear research labs, all steel plants and huge dams etc. is being pitted against these blah...blah..blah. Any sensible person with the ability to read must give a try and find what is Nehru to India besides his much tom-tomed failure in Kashmir and China.
They think nation building is such easy stuff. They do not know why Europe is so fragmented and fought so many bloody wars even though they all look the same and pray the same God. They do not know why Arab consists of 13 countries even all are Muslims. They never asked these questions, but they think Nehru, Sastri and Indira did nothing!

They were stitching an India while they did many other things for which we took pride today! When Satya Nadela or Pichai rose to top they forget that they were product of IITs. When Indian aspiration reaches mars, besides taking SELFIE nobosy is asking who saw the dream and who invested their idea into such a beautiful future.

Ok, I am not interested to say who build the nuclear bomb and who built the missiles. Anybody who knows how to google can get that, provided they are interested to learn.

Let me deal with these blah blahs one by one. I will not spoon feed much, I will provide relevant links and the readers can read.

Indian candidature for security council under Modiji as PM supported by USA, Russia & China


China April 2010

Visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said here on Tuesday China supports India's bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.

Russia 2013

Russia supports India as permanent UNSC member

USA 2010

Barack Obama India visit: President gives his backing to Indian UN Security Council membership

Modiji brought promises worth of $ 35 billion investment from Japan and $ 3 fund

True he got the promise, but promises are promises; like Modi got promises for Gujrat.
Read here: Vibrant Gujarat MoUs: Based on RBI data, suggests Gujrat 5th in FDI investment.

Neverthless, Japan has been a long standing investor in India. It heavily invests in metros in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.
Proof: Page 71 of the Pdf

Japan also invests in Delhi-Mumbai Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) or Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)
Japan commits $ 4.5 bn to India for Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor: 2011

Reagrding the $ 3 billion, it was in discussion in 2014 and because of election it was held up for the next govt to take a decision.
Japan to finalize $3 bn funding plan after new govt takes over

Indian CEO led global companies are in talks with Modiji for investments in India.

CEOs of any kind whether they are from India or USA at one point of the time or the other talk to Indian Govt. Just that some IIT products became CEOs od MS and Google does not prove anything about Modiji.
Why forget Indian Govt utilised Nilekni and conceptualized and executed the world's largest biometric data base. Aadhaar world’s largest biometric ID system

 When UPA left office 60 crore was already enrolled and direct benefit transfer was started in select areas. India did that in 5 yrs flat. So the world is interested to use this infra to provide multitude of services that is possible today and in future.

Modiji stood by Iran & Saudi, so that Modi's  young petroleum minister could extract a favorable oil deal form both to use rupee to buy oil instead of $.

India has always stood against the sanctions of west on Iran. Proof: Oil imports from Iran: India resists U.S. pressure
India abstains from UN vote against Iran

Here the lie is debunked. India, Iran governments agree on rupee oil payments, deals - 2013 Feb

In case of SA:
"Speculation" over Saudi-India oil deal as talks drag on

Why Is India cutting down Oil import from SA?

India was till now importing nuclear reactors from Russia and due to "Nuclear deal" with USA by Modiji has helped India big time.

This was one of the earliest U-turn that Modi took after being PM. Civilian Nuclear deal was ratified by USA & India in 2008.The 48-nation NSG granted the waiver to India (even though non-NPT nation) on September 6, 2008 allowing it to access, civilian nuclear technology and fuel from other countries. SInce then India is eligible to do country specific nuclear deals with individual countries for importing Uranium. India has signed bilateral deals on civilian nuclear energy technology cooperation with several other countries, including France, USA, UK, Canada and South Korea India has also uranium supply agreements with Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Argentina and NamibiaAn Indian private company won a uranium exploration contract in Niger.

But the USA specific was not implemented because of liability clause favoring USA pvt companies. India was in negotiation with USA and those points were opposed by BJP while in opposition, When Modi came to power he signed the same deal.
BJP's great leap back on the nuclear deal

ONGC is in Vietnam because of the leadership of Modiji.

Read here.
India's ONGC to Continue Exploration in South China Sea Off Vietnam - 2012
 ONGC Videsh gets 5 oil and gas blocks offer from Vietnam - 2013

Srilanka has been shown its place

Modiji is the first PM to visit Canada in 42 yrs

India managed to bring back 5000 Indians from yemen

This seems like non-event if you compare with these:

Indian government airlifted over 1,70,000 Indians from Kuwait - 1990

Operation Safe Homecoming: 18000 Indians rescued - 2011

Thursday, 25 December 2014

They were Bharat Ratnas; These are Akhand Bharat Ratnas!

Till the day before yesterday, the highest civilian award, India could bestow upon her citizens, was Bharat Ratna. Since then, it is crying to change its name; the most appropriate one seems to be Akhand Bharat Ratna. 

Bharat Ratnas were those who worked tirelessly in the face of tyranny of imperial British India to salvage a geography that reflected the essence of Indian subcontinent. It was well within the age old ideology of this land mass: 

  • non-expansionism of national border through war on others
  • peaceful coexistence
  • tolerance to diversity with a sense of joy
They suffered reverses in their quest for an India that many thought would be a failed experiment in the face of enormous diversity. They waged long battle for their dream, a patient one opposing an impatient barbaric world power. Their ideology was cast in stone; they were not like: one day deriving strength from diversity the other day plotting against the diversity. They wanted a Bharat that truly sustainable and a glorious example for those who were just out of a bloody battle of world war failing to appreciate diversity in their so called modern world. 

These tireless crusaders were successful till the day, those who were indifferent to all these efforts won majority in Indian Parliament for being the rescuers of their Maal, HINDUS. 

Without a stake in Bharat, they have been propagating the idea of Akhand Bharat. They have excelled in selling combs to bald and mirrors to blinds. 

As they have successfully drawn sympathy in their favor for not being able to rule Delhi for 60 years; they are now trying to draw sympathy for leaders who wagged their tail before the Britishers, because three of the Nehru-Gandhis have got the Bharat Ratna. 

The best argument they can come up with while defending Bahrat Ratna to people with all the credentials of a TRAITOR is that:

  • Nehru nominated himself for the award
  • Indira nominated herself for the award
  • Vajpayee rejected his nomination
If you hear this argument, it would seem like the sole criteria for being eligible for Bharat Ratna is to deny the nomination when you are the PM; that's all! The contribution of Nehru and Indira in building and strengthening Bharat stands further weakened before the contribution of a British Stooge Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the light of this great sabotage to the peace of Bharat forever. 

Welcome to Akhand Bharat, bow before Akhand Bharat Ratnas!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

So You Sowed, but He is Reaping!

As a child, all of us would have heard, "As you sow, so you will reap." That statement is so prone to misuse, especially, if you are a woken-up and aware citizen of India in the last one year or so. Also our recent habit of fast-food life, where we want things rendered at the click of a button, makes us believe what usually a man with a reasonable head wont.

To them, the proverb stands; but to those who had sown, it has become, 
 "So you sowed, but he is reaping!"

Let us start with democracy, which has been the legacy of Congress. Baring the mention of Janapada, (as far as I can pick up from my distant memory of my history books in school days) a democratic setup in some areas in ancient India, we had only kings, and sultans and more kings, till India started its journey to redeem the pledge of its "Tryst with its destiny". Democracy and scientific temper had to be ship of the voyage that India started in 1947. 

When a part time tea hawker and seasoned riot organizer, rose to occupy the post of Prime-minister of India, he was essentially reaping the benefit of what Congress has sown over the years. He acknowledged that by honoring the post of PM in his usual dishonorable way, when he repeatedly gave calls for "Congress Mukt Bharat."  

Since the day, he has risen to his much cherished political post, he is on a spree to inaugurate projects and heaping praise on himself and occasionally on Mr. Vajpayee; as if, you have to have a start date and end date of any project! 

Like the MOM of ISRO; a project conceptualized and successfully executed in just three years by ISRO; Modiji painted it, as if, the glorious episode in Indian space technology was started by Mr. Vajpayee between 1998 to 2004 and completed by he himself in just 100 days into power in Delhi. 

"Nothing Happened in Last 60 Years"
It would be unfair to accuse him for such day light robbery on his own; in pulling off such a HEIST his accomplice was as usual the media. The media was previously  found to be beating his drum, while he was impressing Japanese with his skills from his RSS sakha days. The media forgot the tremendous synergy brought into the Indo-Japanese relationship by previous Govt; many of the members of these media accompanied Dr. Singh to each such Japanese visits. In matter of fact, two such visits had happened in 2013 itself; this time though these media guys have to book their ticket and carry their bed-holders on their own. 

Then he was caught cleaning an already cleaned road on the occasion of "Swacha Bharat" photo-op in the capital. And boy, that was another name changing exercise; Nirmala Bharat mission, started in 2012, was renamed for no other reason than may be vastu sastra. 

"Delhi is so Dirty, Ahmadabad is so Clean"

Given a chance he would shout "Kuch nehin hua 60 saal main," but be very careful to dress for the inauguration events. He would inaugurate War ships and say that we have done nothing in the last 60 years, so he would rename National Manufacturing Policy initiatives, to Make in India. 

Today, as I write, many bhaktas are sounding "Mayyyyyyy" as Modiji is inaugurating Shrameva Jayatey; his media friends have started making "First Time Ever" headlines. 

But truth is that the event
"EPFO approves Rs 1,000 minimum monthly pension" happened, in Feb 2014. 

One media friend says, 
"Each of the six to seven lakh industrial units in the country will also get a unique Labour Identification Number, or LIN. 

A unified labour and industrial portal, where all data will be stored. The other will be the "Labour Inspection Scheme," which aims at ending arbitrariness in the inspection mechanism." 
This is Mithyameva Jayatey, the truth is here:
Oscar Fernandes Inaugurates Unified Single Portal for Ministry of Labour & Employment

This has already happened in 13-February-2014. 

"Mithyameva Jayatey"

Then there is this, Sansada Adarsh Grama Yojana; really is it the produce of the fertile mind of Modiji? In fact, it is the RURBAN program of UPA, with a twist. The twist is that now the center would take over Panchayatiraj and the clarion call of decentralization of Modiji will be shoved under the carpet. This is what this media report says: 
Modi's model village project to merge mutilple welfare schemes

While pointing at these concrete instances, I am also speculating about the fate of those in the green room. One of that is JNNURM, which is going to be masked through the much hyped smart city drama. What is a smart city and what are their parameters for smartness? Even the budget which allocates 7000 crore for 100 cities is criminally silent about it? I have just one simple request, please do not indulge in re-branding exercise before the friendly media.  

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Bio-metric Attendance System for Bureaucrats: Did Modi Invent it?

For last few days, there has been a rush for reporting about a new website, simultaneously making a concerted attempt to prove that PM, Narendra Modi, is the brain and hand behind it. Definitely, we have to give it where it is due. It is a very good initiative to track the bureaucrats at work. 
All of us might not be able to keep an eye on the website, but it would serve as a stick for the lax bureaucrats and hopefully improve service delivery. 

For guaranteed service delivery to the citizen and ensuring accountability, I think Modi govt must quicken the process to push the UPA brain child, "Right of Citizens for Time Bound Delivery of Goods and Services and Redressal of their Grievances Bill, 2011" in parliament. Coupled with this, the bureaucrats would also be productive instead of finding ingenious ways to remain in office and play cards inside office. 

Let me pull myself back to the original idea behind the blog. The point, I essentially wanted to make was that, this bio-metric attendance system is nothing to do with the fertile mind of Modiji. In fact, this has been an old idea, implemented at several central govt departments as well as several state governments have also implemented it or in the process to implement it. 

Some sample of such things are provided below:

Yes, in 2007, Gujarta Govt started bio-metric attendance pilot project in tribal schools and in 2009 HCL was awarded a project to implement it in 7000 schools. They have also implemented it for checking the availability of traffic police at traffic junctions. 
But, I did not come across any instance when the bio-metric system is used at secretariat or any other govt offices.

What the central govt has done today, one of the poorest state govt, Jharkhand has done several months back. 

You can check the POLITICAL COLOR of the Jharkhand Govt. :) Yes, it is also AADHAAR linked. Do you know who is implementing it even if it can be an act of contempt of SC judgement not to recognize AADHAAR because of the lack of parliamentary nod to its proposed bill? It is none other than Mr. Ram Sewak Sharma the director general of UIDAI from 2009 to 20103. (He himself bio metrically profiled Mr. Modi on 1 May,2012.) 
One interesting thing comes up while I write this. Remember, BJP and the stance it had against AADHAAR. BJP called it a fraud and what not. You can enjoy more of such adjectives against AADHAAR during the election campaign in the following links:

In nutshell:

  • BJP opposed AADHAAR vehemently on all political forums
  • Modiji is not the pioneer in implementing bio-metric attendance system at his office
  • UPA initiated the move towards such a system in central govt offices
  • Jharkhand govt (Supported by Congress) is first to come up with the portal for the AADHAAR linked bio-metric attendance system; not MODI govt. 
So, the myth has to be dispelled that Modi is the mind behind such a move. It is another instance of how Media is helping Modiji to take the credit for a UPA initiated program. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Technology is the biggest social leveler, second only to Death!

I was listening to Sam Pitroda, the bundle of energy, and feeling how useless am I! The interviewer just put a question, and in reply, Sam talked for about 20 mins at a stretch with passion of a child. I talked like that when I talk about the need of "Idea of India."

But, this line, "Technology is the biggest social leveler, second only to Death!" just struck me so hard. I just repeated that sentence several times in my mind, and it only made me feel brighter. It was like a bright light of TRUTH.

Just few hours back, while commuting to office on my cycle, I saw the same scene repeated at one signal; a couple sitting on the footpath and enjoying their breakfast, with beautiful smile on their face. Everyday, I see them, and I feel happy that they are so happy. Imagine, great minds working out a solution where this couple do not have to stay on footpath without losing their smile. I guarantee that they do not smile because they are content, they smile because that they have nothing beyond that to lose or ponder about. While saying so, I am not saying that to be content, you need to be rich. What I am saying is that, somebody has to find a solution beyond designing a luxurious flat where the solution can assure a dignity of life under a shelter while ensuring a livelihood avenue nearby.

Look at the communication technology space in India's context. As I speak, we have 950 million people connected over the air at the press of a button; now a days we have gone smarter and we touch. :) Remember a land-line 20 years back, it used to be the symbol of LORDSHIP in society. Wireless technology has flattened the social disparity and made billionaires and daily laborers at the same level; at least as far as catching words from thin air is concerned.

Look at food security in India; till late 60s and early 70s our PM would go to developed countries and negotiate for food aid to feed India. What a Shame! Now, as I speak we export  $ 20 billion worth food to world after feeding our 1.2 billion people. Do you think it happened because PC Sorkar waved his magic wand! No, it happened because of the technology assimilation through the program called Green revolution. That revolution coupled with White revolution has made India self-sufficient in food production. Now, we desperately need a technological revolution in the field of mechanized agriculture, food storage, processing and distribution. The technology is there but the design needs to be affordable and sustainable in a price sensitive market like India or say Africa.

 Look at the figure above. This happened because of the intervention of technology! India leaders are no more required to feel low for pleading for food at the doorstep of the developed world.

There used to be a time when India was home to the largest population of polio infected citizens anywhere on the earth. Imagine, the feel of standing straight on ones own leg and looking eye to eye. A pair of healthy legs is certainly a great social leveler. India recognized that shame as late as Rajeev Gandhi's tenure, when world was looking at us with a sense of frustration. That shameful situation forced us to go for Vaccination and that required India to produce vaccines in house. Imagine the benefit of that today; we not only are the largest producer of vaccines in the world, but also are Polio free for the last several years. That push in vaccine production also have made India the largest producer of generic producer in the world. India is in the middle of a bloody battle for bringing some parity and sense into the blood sucking world of pharmaceutical industry.

While I write, our PM would have repeated the same analogy of Auto fare/km vice versa the cost of a ticket to Mars to the world audience elsewhere without understanding the years of effort behind the same. ISRO is a fertile incubator of technological leapfrogging. We started getting into the space by trying to build simple solutions through remote sensing technology. ISRO is not the product of insane race to space; it is a sensible voyage to make the space useful to us. Be it tele-medicine, oceanography, earth survey for mining purpose, weather forecasting, connecting a billion through communication satellites, content delivery across universities through V-sat. You count, ISRO has done it for the betterment of society as a whole; from space world looks flat. :)

It is not possible to write in a single blog how technology is a great leveler. Look at me, a simple Technical Writer could express his views on a concept as vast as this sitting at his desk and expect the world reads it. So, that is the beauty of Technology; it flattens the world.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Modia in Service of Modi Sarkar

I am yet to understand why the PM of India deserve a honeymoon period. As far as my brush with such a term go, I can only remember the term as a property of Media used in a satirical sense. I just could not understand the PM of India to CLAIM such a period in governance with so much SERIOUSNESS. For me, it is not only outrageous to compare the new Govt as a new marriage and the PM as the Bride Groom, but  also the nonchalant manner in which the PM looks at GOVERNANCE; his root mantra during election campaign. The media did serious INTROSPECTION of the WHINING through their trademark prime-time event of shouting and shoving.

Let us look at few of the obeisance from the Modi Mouthpiece i.e. the new age MODIA.

Narendra Modi clamps down on junkets by netas...

Such news makes great headlines, like kejriwal denied SPG protection. Even former Home Minister did not have SPG cover. But, those were never reported and nobody bother to gloat over it as it should be. 

But the fact is the if you remove Narendra Modi from the headline and put Deve Gowda, the procedure will remain the same; lets not delve into the BOMBASTIC adjectives those follow Narendra Modi. 

The process of any foreign visit of any GOI officials remain the same; all such travel plan have to be finally approved by the PMO. So, what is new about these circulars that the MODIA make it as if some discovery in GOVERNANCE? 

Modi govt asks ministers to disclose their assets withing two months

It is another piece of boot-licking from MODIA. It has been a practice in GOI to report the assets of ministers by July end. So, what is the point making "Modi Asked...blha blha"  

Why so much worshiping?

Kaun Hey Yeh BABA?

Don't touch feet, just be good parliamentarian...

All these are good soundbites, but what is reality? 

Sampled few of the MODIA prayers for their God Modi. You can get it every day and they are so annoyingly floating on the new-portals  that you start thinking; what is next, should I stop going to the portals? I have already stopped going to their TV SATSANGAS?